Welcome to The Union.

Various mercenaries companies exist in the world of Le’murin, each with their own grand ambitions. Employing hirelings, loaning them out in large numbers to groups that may need their help with whatever schemes they may have, the life of an hireling is practically guaranteed to be full of excitement and danger.

But freelancers do exist exist. Mercenaries that do not want to be obligated to carry out contracts, but who would like to pick and choose their own work. Perhaps the life of war doesn’t suit them. Maybe they’re more content slaying an ogre that has been plaguing a village for the past week. Or even odd jobs, like finding someone’s lost dog. These adventurers, for sure, are not few and far between. But these are the ones who make their own name. When you only need a handful of people for one job, chances are, you want these guys.

But even adventurers and employers need a middleman. Even when they aren’t dealing with large numbers to supplement an army, or whatever else you may need to hire en masse. Of course the mercenary companies exist, but they don’t suit the needs of the few, but rather of the many.

And that is where the Freelancer Mercenary Union comes in.

Freelancer Mercenary Union